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Exclusive: Designer Ryan Saghian talks Color, Wine, and LA Inspirations

Exclusive: Designer Ryan Saghian talks Color, Wine, and LA Inspirations
17 September 2018

Ryan Saghian is just cool. His easy energy and wise consideration of color and way of speech makes him the epitome of the California personality. Born and raised in LA, it's clear his style has been informed by place. Inspired by the sun, sea, and colors of the coastal city, Ryan has transformed rooms acrss the world into opulent and approachable spaces with brilliant use of color and mildy vintage materials.

Ryan sat with Flaneur to talk color, and we're thrilled to announce his color picks in an exclusive second engagement.

Flaneur: What colors are top of mind for you right now?

Ryan: I am a total neutral kind of guy! I will always go with black, white and gray but if I had to choose a pop of color its either a rich eggplant purple or powerful orange!

Flaneur: What’s your favorite color combination(s) to use in a bedroom? What are your rules of thumb for matching colors for the bedroom?

Ryan:Black, gray, and a hint of purple. I think its both masculine and feminine. Rule of thumb... pops of color in accents not primary pieces.

Living Room by Ryan Saghian.

Flaneur: Are there any colors you’d stay away in bedroom and why?

Ryan: Not at all. It is all about what YOU love.

Flaneur: What are four things essential for a restful and gorgeous bedroom?

Ryan: Fabulous bedding, serene art, stunning drapery, intimate lighting.

Flaneur: As a Native Angeleno, if you'd curate a palette of four colors to best fit L.A., which ones would you pick?

Ryan: Blue, pink, white, and green. Think BH hotel, the weather, and the culture.

Flaneur: What is your favorite wine to enjoy in bed?

Ryan: Menage a trois. It is a a light California red wine that I LOVE.

Flaneur What makes you a flâneur?

Ryan: Being raised as a third generation Iranian Jew I have been surrounded by culture since diapers. My favorite thing to do is travel. I just got back from the French Riviera. I work with so many different types of people with so many different backgrounds. That is what makes me a Flaneur. A fabulous one at that!

Game Room by Ryan Saghian.

We'll be back with an in-depth look at the Flaneur custom colors chosen by Ryan for their own bedroom. While you wait, check out the Matisse Collection to find the shade of blue that works for you.

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