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Go (North) West with Designer Max Humphrey's Easy Style

Go (North) West with Designer Max Humphrey's Easy Style
03 October 2018

Max Humphrey has always been drawn to the coasts. Having grown up in New Hampshire and studying in Boston, Max made his way west to Los Angeles and worked in TV and Film Production. He took a job as a travelling bass player in a punk rock band signed to a major record label. After getting into interior design by hobby, he spent the next 10 years in LA designing homes all over the USA and in 2016 he moved to Portland to launch his own design firm. Here's our exclusive interview and color picks from the designer.'

Flaneur: Describe your design aesthetic.

Max: Pacific Northwest modern Americana!

Flaneur: What colors do you enjoy working with most? Why?

Max: I pretty much stick with blues, greens, greys, black and white, with pops of red or yellow. I couldn’t tell you why it’s just what I’m drawn to - there’s probably some deep rooted reason but I’d rather not find out what that is.

Bedroom by Max Humphrey

Flaneur: What colors from the collection are most popular in Oregon? Why?

Max: The collection colors translate well to Oregon - we have a similar seasonal thing with leaves that change color and there's a common design commitment of 'bringing the outdoors in'.

Flaneur: What Flaneur color have you picked for your bedding? Why?

Max: I picked Rifle Green and Hohensalzburg. I was inspired by a photo I saw of a vintage Land Rover. Old British cars have the best color palettes and I thought it could translate to a bedding scheme. the colors are utilitarian and not too fancy - I like bedding that you’re not afraid to climb in and mess up.

Flaneur: What makes you a flâneur?

Max: I’m an interior designer because I’m a homebody. I get more inspiration from looking out my kitchen window or driving to the supermarket than I do from taking some far flung vacation. I’m much more interested in finding out about the people and places closest to home - hopefully that still makes me a flaneur.

Flaneur: What inspired your bed/bedroom décor? What’s your favorite color combination(s) to use in a bedroom?

Max: I don’t like white bedding - it’s so uninviting so I wanted to use darker colors and nature inspired colors because they’re cozy.

Flaneur: What’s your process for choosing the right color for your clients?

Max: The architecture of my client’s homes dictate a lot of my design decisions. I like to go against the expected theme with my color palettes - modern homes can take color really well, fussy traditional homes look great monochromatic.

Flaneur: What is your favorite book to read in bed? Why?

Max: I read a lot of biographies. Right now I’m reading Joni Mitchell’s biography which is taking forever because I keep putting it down to listen to her music instead.

Flaneur: You’re left on a deserted island. You have everything you need to build yourself a new home. What will the style be and what colors embody that style?

Max: I’d be more concerned with how I’m going to make coffee on my island than I would be with my home design. I’d be fine with a teepee or house made out of palm tree palms as long as I can have a coffee maker.

Max Humphrey
Max Humphrey Inspiration
Max Humphrey Inspiration

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