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Founder's Notes On Lighten Up.

Founder's Notes On Lighten Up.
02 Feb 2019

Flaneur doesn’t offer the most often seen hotel white beddings. It’s the only “color” we don’t offer, because we don’t really consider it a real color. It’s a shade that’s really popular in our daily life but cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We cannot find it on the cloud, wave, snow, rock, lightening, or any plant. It probably also cannot be found on artworks. We are convinced that there is no good reason to include it in our curation of colors.

There is another reason. The absolute whiteness can only be achieved with heavy bleaches during the manufacture process. Thus it’s a process of depriving any natural shade. Plus, it’s not environment friendly at all. It needs a ton of water to finish the bleach cycle.

There is no soul to it.

So we thought why don’t we offer real white shades. Those beautiful, sophisticated, subtle shades do exist in the nature and the the most talented minds among human beings. Thus, here comes the theme for our February Color Journal, “Lighten up.” We introduce 6 different shades of white.

We want to share how we at Flaneur have sourced these shades.

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