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The Bold Tradition: Incorporating Bright Colors in Classic Design

The Bold Tradition: Incorporating Bright Colors in Classic Design
16 November 2018

The signature style of classic design is unmistakable- understated, reserved, uncluttered, and thoughtful. But a new trend is emerging of pairing sophisticated moldings and details with enthusiastic pops of color. Don't resist bringing such treatment to the bedroom. Here are a few looks and colors to help you get inspired!

Blue View

Bedroom by Bennett Leifer

Inspired by art history, classic style and the metropolitan quality of NYC, Elle Decor A-list designer Bennett Leifter created a space that brings all eyes to the bed with this bold blue that will suit any home- from coastal to the bohemian. Matched with silky white walls and a thoughtful carpet choice, your bedroom can transform into a serene yet bold retreat. Or pick up the individual colors.

Suitable for most environments, letting a splash of light onto this bedding will bring out its jewel tones and golden sheen that underlines the dye. Pro tip: accent the bedding with live bouquets (replaced weekly) to bring out the evergreen and fresh energy of this powerful bedding.

Studied Style

Rosa Beltran Design

An exercise in unexpected texture and charm, this space designed by Rosa Beltran is a celebration of a vibrant life in this study that has a distinctive brown environment accented by striking art. Bring this spirit to the bedroom by painting the walls brown and bringing pops of chic red and blood orange to the bedside.

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Shadows and Light

Jacobsen Architecture

Exporing natural hues and shadows can invite exciting creativity when choosing a color to accent a space. Here, Jacobsen Architects bring together Federalist details and painted wide-plank flooring with soft, plush chairs in a natural tan as well as a gentle contemporary art work. Consider tossing a leather blanket or cow print rug at the foot of the bed.

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Regal Tradition

Bedroom by Bobbi Brown

Immersively traditional with legacy-laden textures and colors, the rooms in the cosmetics-phenom-turned-hotelier's palace in New Jersey are inspired by English excellence and industrial charm. You can get the finished look here, or tear it apart for your own pleasure. Bringing in details of plaid and poppy red can fire up a room that's confined to white walls.

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