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Bohemian Look by Estee Stanley for Flaneur, Flaneur Bedding

Do you know what the coolest kids in Hollywood are up to this year? “Bespoke bedding,” this is Hollywood Reporter’s answer, because “Flaneur’s luxe dyed-to-order sheets and duvets allow celebrities and influencers to bring their personal style to their beds.” 

“You’re always changing — your mood, your life events, your job, your seasons, your favorite book, your wall paint. You need to change the color of your nest just like you constantly change the color of your shoes, scarves and dresses.” Flaneur’s cofounder, Yu said. 

The Modern Setting in Flaneur’s first lookbook styled by Celebrity Designer Estee Stanley.

The Bohemian Setting in Flaneur’s first lookbook styled by Celebrity Designer Estee Stanley.

“Our brand, ‘Flaneur – the Frech word for dreamers and idlers – is offering bespoke dyed-to-order sheet sets and duvet covers that elevate the basic bed, turning it into a canvas for self-expression and creativity. From its inception, the brand has tapped into the fashion world and invited aesthetes the opportunity to customize and realize their own unique bedroom palette.'”

flaneur bespoke bedding change the sheets! Coco Rocha
Coco Rocha’s Flaneur style.

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“But this isn’t fast fashion — Flaneur’s product is more like haute couture. It conducts DNA testing on each Supima cotton batch to ensure consistency of the fabric and uses fashion-house-approved Riri zippers from Switzerland, biodegradable sewing thread and boutique dye houses who pre-wash all orders to ensure colorfastness.”

“Our customers in the fashion world are passionate about colors — look at the pictures they’ve posted on Instagram: multiple shades of pink on a bed, blue and green, even yellow and purple.” Yu pointed out, “Shoppers are unleashing their creativity. They definitely have palettes in their mind.”

lily levy with flaneur bedding, bespoke pink sheets
Lily Levy napping on her Flaneur bedding in pinks.

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Rohm elisabeth with Flaneur bedding in Hollywood
Rohm Elisabeth dream with Flaneur.

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Keltie Knight with Flaneur bedding
Keltie Knight on the bed with Flaneur bedding

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Claudia Lee with Flaneur bespoke bedding
Claudia Lee in the gray sea of Flaneur bedding.

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To sum it up, if you’d like to have colofrul bespoke bedding that fits your aesthetic see these tips from top designers.