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Nicole Cohen credit to original artist

One week away from the Mother’s Day. The word “motherhood” would remind many people of selfless love and dedication. That’s absolutely right but “motherhood” today means much more than that. As Nicole Cohen says below, “the expectations were much different (in my Mom’s times) – being a working mom doesn’t mean any expectations of me have been lifted, on the contrary!” 

One of our major consumer groups is professional women, a lot of whom are young hardworking moms. They inherited the dedication to the family from their mothers, while at the same time tirelessly pursued their own career and personality with even more power. We call them “Flaneur Moms“, because this is the best word we can think of whenever we think about them – their power of love, pride of creativity, richness of life and pursuit of freedom. 

Nicole Cohen, the woman behind Sketch 42, is an artist, design enthusisast, photographer and writer. As a lifetime Flaneur and a tastemaker, she sat down with to talk about colors and bedroom decor. We also invited her to share with us her thoughts about motherhood.

F: What inspired your bed/bedroom décor? What’s your favorite color combination(s) to use in a bedroom?

N: It was a while ago, I designed this room in 2008 – I think I was going for a classic Hollywood Regency Glamour. 

I love neutrals and/or deep color in a bedroom – my bedroom is black! Its a room we are mostly in at night, I like it to be cozy and envelope you!

F: What are four things essential for a restful and gorgeous bedroom?

N: Great bedding, the right pillow inserts, lack of clutter and a variety of lighting options! At our country house we have no TV or computer in the bedroom and I must say I sleep 10000x better there! 

nicole cohen's bedroom, flaneur interview
 Nicole’s Bedroom. photo via Rue Magazine.

F: What’s on your bedside table? 

N: Water carafe, iPhone charger, a bowl with my watch and rings, and all the books I try to read but inevitably fall asleep 5 pages in! 

F: What are your sleep rituals?

N: I like to do something mindless before bed, so – and this is shameful – I read recaps about reality tv shows on my phone. Once I get into the comment section, I’m no longer thinking about work stuff, and then a few minutes later, snoozy snooze. 

nicole cohen sketch 42 bedroom with flaneur bedsheets

Nicole’s bedroom styled with Flaneur bedding, Supima® Cotton White

luxury bespoke Flaneur sheet sets

F: What color you picked for your Flaneur bedding and why? How did you like Flaneur sheets?

N: I believe I chose the natural Supima white color! I always prefer simple bedding and there is nothing quite as refreshing as a fresh set of white sheets. The Supima Golden unbleached color is exactly what white sheets should be, like the white cotton of yesteryear. 

nicole cohen inspiration
via The Window Magazine.

F: Do you consider yourself a Flaneur? Can you recount a Flaneur-like experience you’ve had?

N: Of course! As a photographer, I am constantly strolling, dreaming, noticing little details that other people pass up. All of my favorite moments of my life have been when I’ve been alone, roaming random streets in foreign places. I started bringing film along on my trips and always taking the long route because I get the most flawed but beautiful photos that way. 

F: What are your favorite colors? And what’s your mom’s and your kids’?

N: I’ve been having a caramel cream kahki moment. I love all colors, but Im way into the subtle “ugly” colors these days! My mom’s favorite color is turquoise, she loves it so much that none of my siblings or I can wear it because it feels like were dressed up as her! My daughter goes through phases, she’s super into “boy” colors these days. 

colorful wall art inspires home decor
nicole cohen's painting and artwork
flaneur mom, artwork, colorful design
nicole cohen colorful painting
nicole cohen painting, art, interview with flaneur bedding, change the sheets. sketch 42.
colorful artwork

All above are Nicole’s paintings. 

framed artwork
Nicole’s recent collaboration with CB2 and Framebridge 
design work in progress
Nicole’s design work in process for One Room Challenge.

F: What characters can you see that are being passed from your mom to you and your kids?

N: Strength and creativity, I come from a long line of strong women, and Im proud to be raising one. My sons are learning to be thoughtful strong men as well! 

F: Compared with your Mom in her days, what do you think is the biggest difference to be a Mom nowadays?

N: Ah, its totally different. My mom was not a working mom then, though she is now. She was completely dedicated to raising us. All I can say, is the expectations were much different – being a working mom doesn’t mean any expectations of me have been lifted, on the contrary! And the children are expected to excel at everything all at once as well. 

children's bedroom, interior design, colorful decor
exclusive interview of flaneur mom

Nicole designed the gorgeous bedrooms for her two kids.

F: As a professional woman and a Flaneur Mom, what’s the biggest advantage and challenge to have kids?

N: There aren’t enough hours in the day! Its 11:10 pm as Im writing this, and my baby is still awake! The advantage is the stability of having a family and the joy that brings a true inner happiness that is transcendent! 

F: What would be the gift you’d expect the most from your kids?

N: They always make beautiful cards for me, and buy me flowers and breakfast in bed! All of that is good enough for me! 

Flaneur mom
children's photography
mother's day
The biggest gifts of Mother’s Day for Nicole: Cookie and JoJo.

Happy Mother’s Day to Nicole, to all the Flaneur Moms, and their Moms! 

All photos courtesy of Nicole Cohen.