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Flaneur bedding and Sophie Donelson collaborate

Sophie Donelson of House Beautiful has a knack for unexpected color style. Her eye travels a little bit further than the average designer. She looks into territory that is at once daring and chic. Her control of tone and contrast makes her a special talent. Sophie is well-positioned to handle her post as editor-in-chief of House Beautiful, a long established interior design magazine with special attention to color.

Despite being a mother of two, Sophie’s home space is calming and focused. She turned to Flaneur to outfit her sophisticated and subdued master bedroom in a way that would match her de-cluttered and memento-accented space. 

Sophie Donelson's colorful NYC home

With the jade-green walls of her bedroom and hardware of copper, brass, and gold, Sophie’s room is illuminated by massive casement windows. Books, flowers, family photos, knick-knacks and objets d’art dot the room with the touch of an expert, it’s not clutter; it’s a collage. It’s already full of color, but Sophie’s belief in color runs deep. Check her remarks on the importance of color: 

Her bedding reflects her globe-trotting and family-first mindset. Sophie’s Cinnamon Stick (Vale of Tempe) duvet is an exercise in controlling the scale of the room: a deep, warm orangish-red that toys with oceanic hues. Which furthermore call forth two accenting pillowcases in Capri Breeze (Cyprus), an enthusiastic counter to Cinnamon Stick (Vale of Tempe) that also plays nice- if not emboldens- the jade walls. 

Bold contrast with luxury colorful bedding

As her flat and top sheet, Sophie jumps into more saturated hue of Cinnamon Stick: Sudan Brown (Bagan). More muted (less red) than Cinnamon Stick (Vale of Tempe). Sophie plays a trick of depth, her bed suddenly feeling bigger and cozier, the duvet becoming a wrapper of sorts, containing the saturated delight of Sudan Brown. 

Complete look for Sophie Donelson in Flaneur bedding

Sophie’s Flaneur pairings may sound unpredictable. As a result the gentle and detail-centric celebration of color, skill from a woman who has an innate sense of what’s going to work come together. Her carefree attitude reinforces this color skill as something she doesn’t even need to think about: it comes naturally. 

Her color influences often stem from natural spaces- seasons, in particular. Check out this clip to see where Sophie’s got inspiration for her space. 

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