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Blue bedding by Flaneur in Miles Redd room

Yesterday, Miles posted an Instagram image of his glorious bedroom, styling with Flaneur bedding in Robin’s Egg Blue. With an echo on the wallpaper and a complementary touch on the artworks, this bedroom is so mysteriously serene. Really, it’s one of a few art pieces that people can actually sleep in. 

miles redd legendary bedroom with Flaneur sheets

One month ago, when we asked Miles what color he would pick from Flaneur’s unlimited choices, he said, Robin’s Egg Blue, please. When we again confirmed, “is the whole set in Robin’s Blue (Cleopatra’s Pool)?”, he said, yes, the whole set, and the extra pillowcases and shams as well. 

“I cannot get enough of blue and green”, Miles confessed when posting his Robin’s Egg Blue decorated bedroom on Instagram. And he told us about his “obsession” with blue and green in His Interview With Flaneur – 

“I will always be a blue man group. There really is no blue shade that does not fascinate, but lately I am loving it mixed with violet. Butter-lettuce green is another favorite, and I love it mixed with feather grey. Color and its limitless possibilities are an endlessly satisfying past time.”

Now it’s time to see how stunning Miles, the king of color, dances between the blue and green in his interior and fabric designs. 

miles redd wallpaper flaneur bedding change the sheets
miles redd flaneur bedding change the sheets wallpaper
miles redd inspiration
blue tones that inspire custom bedding
miles redd flaneur bedding change the sheets wallpaper

The wallpapers and fabrics designed by Miles Redd. photo credit: Miles Redd.

miles redd wallpaper flaneur bedding change the sheets
via Architectural Digest.
miles redd wallpaper fabric flaneur bedding
via : Elle Decor
miles redd blue inspiration flaneur bedsheets
via House Beautiful
miles redd wallpaper fabric flaneur sheets
via Veranda

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