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Bedding inspired by Bagan Myanmar

Meditation is about reaching inner peace. If you cannot follow the breathe-in and breathe-out or cannot put up with the new world music, just don’t. 

Here is what we use (or go) to stay chill.

App: Wilson

App: Wilson

It’s a curated podcast magazine. Each week Wilson will publish a curated list of podcasts around one topic that’s culturally relevant and intellectually interesting. There is no need to register. There is no algorithm, so you won’t run into your own rabbit hole after two or three episodes. P.S. The cover of each collection is like a contemporary artwork – worths a screenshot. 

Available on most podcasting platforms.

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Bagan, Myanmar

Go To: Bagan, Myanmar

This is probably one of few places in the world where you could have a pagoda completely to your own. This is not an off-the-radar destination anymore, but you will still feel there are more pagodas than tourists, if you drive the scooter deeper to the fields. There are village men and women volunteered to point out which pagoda has a hidden staircase, through which you could climb up to the top and view the panoramic surrounding forests and rivers. When you found yourself appreciating mural paintings done hundreds of years ago in vivid colors, with naked feet on a lightly dusty brick floor, while no one around, you are already undergoing the meditation.

Flights start at $698. Lonely Planet Guide


Philosophy: Yab-Yum

Yab-yum is a common symbol in the Buddhist art of India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. It represents the primordial union of wisdom and compassion, depicted as a male deity in union with his female consort. The male figure represents compassion and skillful means, while the female partner represents insight.

Explore the colors of Yab-Yum on Flaneur

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