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Elle Strauss and Bedding by Flaneur

Elle Strauss is a British-born, Los Angeles-based fashion director and stylist who began her career at the iconic London publication, The Face before going on to act as Fashion Editor at Company magazine, Fashion Director at Condé Nast BRIDES, and Senior Fashion Editor at Lucky Magazine. Known for her creative, upbeat and inspirational styling and editorial spreads Elle has worked with high-profile celebrities, including Heidi Klum and Amanda Seyfried, and major brands such as Anthropologie and Adidas who love her sunny aesthetic. Elle currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, photographer James Dimmock, and their two daughters Honor and Imogen. Here she shares her views on color and creativity with Flaneur:

FLANEUR: You picked Anatasia and Windmere, two very bold and contrasting colors. Is this your usual style or did you really think out of the box? 

ELLE STRAUSS: Totally out of the box — our bed is typically covered in faded white and antique pink linens but when I saw how Estee had styled the two colors with the rose pink I was inspired! I’m so glad I came out of my usual comfort zone.

F: What colors and styles will we find in your closet? 

E: Neutrals. A mix of camels, creams, greys and whites mixed with a splash of red.Shop AnatasiaShop WindmereShop Monomotapa

F: What does color mean to you?

E: Color should make you feel something, an almost tangible emotion.

F: Use a color to describe yourself.

E: Grey! It’s one of my favorite colors and my eight-year-old Honor’s middle name, but I like to think I’m more of a positive blush pink.

Elle Strauss’ home, bedding by Flaneur
Elle Strauss’ home, featuring her daughter

F: Is there a fashion designer that you really admire who is extremely fluent in speaking in colors?

E: I love Victoria Beckham. The palettes and color combos she uses are delicious.

F: You were born and raised in the UK. You landed in New York initially and now you are based in Los Angeles. Which place has left the deepest mark on you?

E: Probably New York, its energy is irreplaceable but you’ll never take the English girl out of me.

“Color should make you feel something, an almost tangible emotion.”

F: Has having a family to any extent changed your career path or personal taste? 

E: I think any changes in life alter your priorities and therefore your career path. For me with our family, it became about work life balance. My personal taste I don’t think has changed but now I just have more rooms to decorate.

F: A movie you want to watch soon.

E: Guilty pleasure is always watching Pride and Prejudice alone with glass of red. The colors in that film are beyond. 

Still from Pride and Prejudice.

F: Do you have a sleep/bedtime ritual?

E: I always take my make up off, no matter how late it is (although really 11pm is late for me these days). I have a glass of hot water and I try to read a few pages of my book. I’m in a book club and right now we’re reading ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens, which is a must read and very hard to put down.

F: What’s next destination on your bucket list?

E: I would love to go to Japan. Probably when Imogen is older.

F: What’s your “style” language? What’s your fashion philosophy?

E: Clean, minimal, effortless and elevated.