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Aliza J. Sokolow has been working in the food styling and photography industry for nearly a decade. She got her big break working on TV shows including the Emmy winning and nominated Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Recipe Rehab and it was while shooting and styling food for top chefs that she began to build up body of work that she has now become known for. Los Angeles-based Sokolow’s technicolored compositions of artfully arranged farmers’ market citrus, avocados and pints of blueberries have won her a cult foodie following on Instagram and led to her work appearing in The New York Times, Bon Appetit, LA Times and Goop. The prints are available for purchase at the Sokolow Photo Print shop and can be seen in restaurants around the country. 

A master of social media – in 2018 she was a Digital Media finalist for the IACP International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards – Sokolow also runs Poppyseed Agency, a digital media agency for restauranteurs, and teaches crudite and charcuterie building workshops with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and nutrition. We caught up with at her home in West Los Angeles to talk all things color and creativity. 

FLANEUR: Explain your Flaneur beddings color selects.

ALIZA: I like to have color in every part of my life. It makes me feel alive. I worked with the amazing team at Flaneur to help me find something vibrant that expressed the California sunshine. 

colorful rainbow of fruits and vegetables, color inspiration

F: What is your favorite color and thing in that color and why? 

A: Poppy is my favorite color. I have been obsessed with it’s vibrance ever since I was a kid. I like to think that my aura embodies all things California, I’m warm and loving and my nickname is Sunshine. This California state flower says it all. 

F: If you were a color, which one would you be and why? 

A: Poppy. It’s bright, vibrant and screams California.

Aliza J. Sokolow in California poppy field

F: How would you define your style? 

A: My style is heavily influenced by the West Coast lifestyle – easy dressing with a focus on basics that have distressing. My standard uniform is a pair of ripped jeans, an LNA t shirt and sneakers. I always wear a clean face and no makeup makeup. No outfit is complete without brushing up my brows.

F: Where do you find inspiration? 

A: I find most of my inspiration from nature. I visit not only a lot of farmers markets, but farms and gardens. I like to take all of my cues from the earth and the colors it brings us. 

Farmers market color inspiration, local produce, flaneur color inspiration

F: What’s your favorite room in your house and why? 

A: My bedroom. I love my bed. It’s my safe and happy place. It wasn’t until I had an apartment of my own that I finally felt at home. I never close the windows and have a view of the sky and palm trees. Seeing the pink clouds when I wake up every morning. I keep my insanely organized giant closet open with all of the colors on view, so that is a work of art within itself.

Aliza J. Sokolow Flaneur collection, colorful luxury bedding

F: What’s on your bedside table?

A: I always have fresh flowers in my house – these are from Glasswing Floral in DTLA, my Celine glasses, my phone, a salt lamp and my Sunday Goods Rest pen. 

Luxury bedroom styling, Flaneur custom color sheets

F: Where is your dream travel destination? 

A: There are so many! Kenya and Italy are on my list for this year. I have a deep love for animals and pasta. I was lucky enough to travel to India and Paris last year. I’m still flying high on all of that inspiration. 

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