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Grayscale bedding for rooms with dark finishes flaneur bedding
pillows and shams in moody, dark blue, yellow and red casually on a bed with dark gray sheets, wall in gray green.

Finding a balance between a stylish yet masculine room can be hard. You don’t want to overpower the space with lots of wood, leather and metal. Towing the line between traditional masculine colors and infusing your personality isn’t easy. See how Flaneur takes a new approach to men’s bedding.

Blacks, browns and grays are often used but what about colors with a bit more pigment and life?

a bed outfitted with bedding in bordeaux colors, headboard in black and vintage wall, fit for a man's bedroom.

Bordeaux (Gate of Horn) is an unexpected yet excellent color for the guy who likes to present a bit of whimsy in his bedroom. While the rest of his room might be powerful with chocolate brown chairs and black wooden dressers, his Bordeaux bedding can add a nice subtle softness to the space. Still appearing rich, regal and strong, the color artfully compliments the overall rhythm of his bedroom.

Bordeaux Velvet Lounge in a dark moody house, wall in charcoal gray, panel in light gray. fit for a man's bedroom.

A bit of texture such as velvet can also change the feel of his space. Adding a more delicate vibe, the color paired with a unique textured piece such as a J.M. Szymanski handmade blackened steel and parchment side table is perfect for the bachelor who loves to entertain. 

a modern, industrial bedroom with dark green walls, leather headboard and bedding in gray. A fit for men's bedrooms. change the sheets.

Another color worth fusing into your design palette? Myrtle (Baghdad). It brings nature indoors and soothes your soul with a serene touch. Nicely enhancing the beauty of a weekend home with cherry wood or deep brown panels, it makes your room feel a bit brighter.

a Sitting Room made of natural wood, benches with linen shams on it, big window. A fit for men. change the sheets.

If you like to be surrounded by books in the bedroom. Myrtle works well with that Mahogany bookcase that adds life into your room but may be clashing with your bedding. Boring bleached whites aren’t the only color to tie unique and rich pieces together in your room, Myrtle really elevates the charm of a space.

Poseidon Blue Fabric by Flaneur luxury bedding. 100% supima cotton, hand dyed in Los Angeles.

Acadia. The color sounds dynamic and exciting because it is! Typically adding a bold look to a room with white walls or a lot of light, this rich color also pairs well with dark metal finishes on a Kittinger chest of draws. A bold duvet in Poseidon, looks great on a chrome or dark metal bed.

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