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Cover of Martha Stewart Living Magazine Featuring Flaneur
cover image of martha stewart living, april 2018, on which Flaneur luxury bedding was featured, martha stewart color

Unquestionably one of the leading voices in interior design, Martha Stewart Living has given Flaneur a nod in its April issue, recognizing us as being one of the must-have bedding brands of the Spring season. The Spring inspires faint hues as well as saturated ones, reflections of gentle flowering blooms and refreshed air as well as boho dreams of harps in the field and picnics as summer approaches. See below for how Martha Stewart Living highlights Flaneu’rs bedding.

Flaneur bedding Martha Stewart Living, toasted almond, neutral gray and golden bright yellow, color bedding

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As part of an “Art of the Bed” spread, Martha Stewart Living featured our Anatasia (Gold Rush) and Tubingen (Toasted Almond) sateen bedding. Its an opportunity for you to wrap up in the morning sun with colors that emotionally inspiring. 

Activate Your Yellow Bedding

Our Tubingen (Toasted Almond) is a breezy and graceful tone, sitting softer than a tan and more gentle than white. Pairing Tubingen (Toasted Almond) in a meaningful way is difficult, but letting it be the brightest color on the bed is an effective approach in bringing about an optimistic look. Mixing Gargoyle (Wuthering Heights) as Martha Stewart Living did with Toasted Almond is remarkably effective in its fair-hued and grounded energy.  

Anatasia (Gold Rush) is a signature of taste. One of Flaneur’s most popular colors, Anatasia (Gold Rush) is fair hued but not flakey, open to interpretation but remains principled and associated with its regal legacy. 

Pairing Anatasia (Gold Rush) with Tubingen (Toasted Almond) is a powerful choice because of its attractive, almost naturally-occurring hues work so beautifully together. Unleash their power with white detailing and a Gargoyle (Wuthering Heights) Duvet.

If Tubingen (Toasted Almond) and Anatasia (Gold Rush) seem is too fairly hued for you or you are afraid the colors are too bright for your style, dip a bit further into the colorful energy of these hues.

Explore Neutrals and Tan Bedding

Babilary (Evening Sand) is a more saturated take on the sensitive Tubingen (Toasted Almond), unleashing a romantic and seductive energy that feels engaging and established. Babilary (Evening Sand) is not dusty or dirty, but patinated and graceful, adding a degree of antique luxury.

Added brass, chrome, and all types of wood can energize Tubingen (Toasted Almond) and Babilary (Evening Sand). Blue, white, and gray wall paint can open a room and these colors into a new territory of sophisticated modernity. Most types of furniture work with these colors, making them a flexible choice to be used in any number of uniquely-styled bedrooms.

Morningside (Golden Yellow) is a contemporary choice to counter the occasionally traditional character of Anatasia (Gold Rush). Morningside (Golden Yellow) digs deeper into its orange influence, opening into a territory of grace and pairs wonderfully for darker woods like Macassar or mahogany. Each of these colors enable a zen-like experience that will enhance any bedroom.

Special thanks to Martha Stewart Living  for featuring Flaneur in the April 2018 issue, on sale now.