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Pink bedroom with Flaneur Luxury Bedding

Is there a season that pink doesn’t fit in? This is like asking you if there a season you don’t laugh. Find out how Flaneur does pink bedding!

Every moment we live in so many colors without feeling it. Our rug is gray, curtain is purple, sofa is white, lamp is pink, stool is black & green, pillow is yellow … but we see those colors no more when we stay with them for a couple of years, or even months. They’ve become “transparent” because they’re already part of us.

Do you even remember what the color the sky is? You will be only surprised when you finally raise your head and see how “blue and white” today. They look the same but they change everyday, like me, like you. 

colorful inspiration

“Drunk Pink Tank” (in tribute to This Same-Titled Book) was thus a color experiment Flaneur collaborates with Coming Soon New York, a Lower East Side boutique store to keep people weirdly colorful, to visualize and vitalize our sensibility of colors within us. It’s also a part of Sight Unseen Offsite Show and NYC x Design. 

The more exciting thing is, this is a space that you can actually live in. So why wait? Time to get yourself drunk with pinks and wake up a little pinkier.   

coming soon new york,drunk pink tank, flaneur sheets
pink inspiration
shades of pink, drunk pink tank, flaneur bedding, change the sheets

Flaneur pinks take over the “bedroom”.  

coming soon new york, luxury new york interior design, flaneur bedding, colorful sheets

Babilary as it is.  

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coming soon new york, design inspiration
coming soon new york, pink campaign, drunk pink tank,

Change the sheets (try pink bedding), Vive le color!

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(The first three images are courtesy of Coming Soon New York.)