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Pink, Yellow, and Blue luxury bedding by Flaneur styled by Timoney Honeywood
Timoney Honeywood in her colorful home, flaneur style, unique design, interior design
Interior designer and mixed media artist Timoney Honeywood

Interior design and mixed media artist Timoney Honeywood was born and raised in London before relocating to New Jersey in the aughties. She became interested in interiors when she moved into her first rental apartment many years ago. “Living in rental accommodation, I quickly realized that I had to get creative in order to design a temporary space that reflected our style,” says Timoney.

“At the time I was teaching in pre-school, while I enjoyed my job it wasn’t what I wanted to do,” she says. “I enrolled into college part time at Parsons School of Design in NYC where I took classes in residential interior design and mixed media art.” The skills and techniques she learned there only further fueled her passion for design and she launched her interiors focused Instagram account after buying and designing a home for her growing family.

Flaneur luxury bedding, colorful bedroom, bright sheets, Timoney Honeywood design
Timoney Honeywood’s custom color Flaneur bedding design

FLANEUR: Explain your Flaneur bedding color selections…

TH: The colors I chose for this bedding is one of my favorite color combinations: pink and gold are two colors that I often pair together. This trio of colors together reminds me of a summer evening sky as the blue sky turns to pink and gold as the sun sets.

Sunset, Inspiration, Color Inspo, Color Palette, Flaneur bedding
Timoney’s color palette was inspired by the colors of this sunset

Where do you find inspiration for your design aesthetic? 

I’m always inspired by color. Bright colors speak to me especially colorful textiles, colorful flowers, architecture and art. I’ve based entire room designs around an Indian Suzani. My new bathroom design is based off of some colorful Moroccan tiles. 

Colorful bedding, Pink Sheets, Yellow Pillowcases, bright bedding, Timoney Honeywood, Color Palette, Travel Inspo

How would you define your interior design style? 

Colorful and eclectic. I love doing my own thing and don’t typically follow any trends. I enjoy using textiles and have a large collection from around the world that I love to include in my designs. They bring so much fun to any space.

Bespoke decor, Handmade, Colorful furniture, Room Inspo, Custom design, Colorful living room, Flaneur Style, Flaneur Home Decor
Timoney’s living room is a riot of colorful textiles sourced from around the world

“My style has definitely evolved over time, but my love for bright colors has always been there.”

What’s the last thing you bought for your home?

I just bought a giant rug for my living room, It’s pink, cream, and gold. I definitely didn’t need it, but I knew it would look perfect in my house.

What’s your favorite room in your house?

My bedroom is a little sanctuary away from my crazy kids. When I want to relax I sneak off to my room. If I want to embrace the madness of our home, (I have four children!) then I would choose our kitchen. It’s the room everyone typically congregates in.

“I’m always inspired by color. Bright colors speak to me!”

If you were a color, which one would you be and why? 

Most probably a shade of pink. Pink is such a fun, warm color. I didn’t even realize it was my favorite color until recently, when I looked around my house and noticed I have pink in almost every room.

Pink accents, colorful home, bright colors, Flaneur Bedding, Flaneur style, Pink Door, Timoney Honeywood style
Timoney’s pink front door

Do you have a morning ritual? 

My morning routine is always a little chaotic as I’m often rushing to get my children ready for school or summer camp, but my morning ritual always involves coffee and music. I always open my blinds and try to make my bed every day.

What’s on your bedside table? 

I try to keep my bedside table clutter free. I currently have a lamp, a book and my glasses, usually a water bottle and a pack of make-up wipes too.

Flaneur bedding, Flaneur sheets, Change the Sheets, Flaneur pink, Pink Sheets, Bright Bedding, Colorful sheets, Travel Inspo, Colorful bedroom, Design
Timoney’s clutter free bedside table

Where is your dream travel destination?

Any city, I love exploring cities! Marrakesh is the next place I plan to visit.

Old Medina in Marrakech, Morocco, Dream Destination, Colorful textiles, Travel Inspo, Handmade Fabric, Color Palette
The Old Medina in Marrakech