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Desanka Fasiska of Lux Eros

Having spent many years working in the fashion world, Desanka Fasiska found herself getting burned out. “I took up ceramics as a hobby because it was a creative outlet that was about as far away as you could get from fashion,” she says. Sparked by the desire for a more nurturing and supportive artistic environment she began running a series of creative workshops out of her home. “Everyone kept telling me that I needed to start a ceramics business, and although I love ceramics and the idea of building a business out of it – I was scared!” she says. But eventually, as the demand for her ceramics grew, she found her creative niche with handcrafted pieces featuring iconic motifs, shapes and colors inspired by art & fashion. “It became evident that this was my calling,” she says of the birth of Lux Eros, an irreverent, tongue in cheek collection of slab hand-built ceramic home decor and dinnerware. Here, she talks style and design with Flaneur.

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FLANEUR: Explain your Flaneur bedding color selections

DESANKA FASISKA: I chose to mix and match my Flaneur sheet colors to accent the colors in my ceramics. I love an irreverent color story, one you wouldn’t immediately assume would look good together. But the final result is fun and compelling.

Where do you find inspiration for your design aesthetic?

 I used to fervently seek out inspiration, especially when I was in my twenties and coming up in the fashion industry. I assume that’s because I was still defining my world view.  Nowadays, with social media, inspiration is so aggressively ubiquitous that I find myself resisting it and settling into what I know brings me joy and getting inspiration from the things I do and places I go in a more passive way. 

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“What sets my ceramics apart from others is that they still have that utilitarian, approachable and handmade feel but are elevated and stylish – and kind of fun.”

How would you define your interior design style? 

My style is eclectic but I always seemed to come back to some form of late seventies, early eighties style (It’s funny how much your sensibility is effected when you are a child). At the end of the day, because I find myself inspired by so many different design styles, I’d have to say I love a warm, bright, comfortable space that has an elevated and intentional design sensibility – but is not alienating. And above all not too busy or cluttered.

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What’s the last thing you bought for your home?

Because I have a toddler, I haven’t been wanting to buy super nice things for my home. Instead, I have been focusing on updating my outdoor areas and getting more plants for inside my home. I definitely could use more throw pillows. I’ll probably invest there next.

“I believe the way we style our homes should bring us joy.”

What’s your favorite room in your house?

My bedroom. It’s really open, bright and at this point, the only part of my home that is still all mine that I can keep tidy and I can display my breakable objects like the vases I make. 

If you were a color, which one would you be and why? 

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For sure I’d be cadmium orange. I’ve always been drawn to that color. Its bright, warm, inviting, sexy, and fun.

“I love creating approachable, stylish and fun pieces for the home. I strive to make products that make people smile.”

Do you have an evening or morning ritual? 

I really don’t. I do try to get up early before my kid to get some exercise in though.

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What’s on your bedside table?

My mouth guard, cup of water and lip balm.

Where is your dream travel destination?

I have never been to Morocco or Japan. I’ve been dreaming of going to those places for so long!