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Flaneur Bedding Review

Every review shown is from a Flaneur customer who has personally purchased a sheet set or a duvet cover. We never change reviews or alter origianl reviews. We never encourage or influence any Flaneur customer to submit a positive review. It is a lot of fun to share the colors we love.

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A night beneath these sheets is like sleeping in the haute couture of bedding.
Anne Sage Interior Stylist, Author
Los Angeles

Just a note here that I have spent many years trying to find the quality and colors of sheets that you guys carry so yes, please!
Let me know if you can make the pillowcases and fitted sheet available.
Los Angeles

If luxury is what you’re after, Flaneur has your back.
Erin Boyle Blogger, Ex-editor of Remodelista
New York

I put the duvet and pillows. Love them. They are sooo gorgeous. I had a dream the other night and I would like to think about emerald green super bright plant like and fresh looking. Maybe even a lime-like green. Or maybe a jeweled purple? I was going to write to you this week about finding something like that. It was so nice of you to put those colors together. They are beautiful! You are so funny!!you know me!! I love love love all of them. I’m so happy with my flaneur duvet and pillowcases. They are great!
Los Angeles

I was so excited to put the Flaneur duvet on my bed. It’s gorgeous! The color is simply incredible. I’m going to snap some pictures this weekend and share them on Instagram. Thanks again! I’m a customer for life 🙂
Los Angeles

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