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Sardinia is a place to recharge and refresh. 

Colorful Beaches in Sardinia, Flaneur travel, dream destination, pink beaches, luxury bedding, custom bedding
Colorful Beaches in Sardinia, pink beaches, postcard beaches, perfect sunsets, interior design, travel inspo, luxury bedding, custom sheets, custom color

When cold, dark Winter days keep you locked away, delightful colors and bright tones make your bed a welcomed safe haven. Lifting your mood, the vibrant and warm colors of Sardinia offer a calming feeling.

The soft pink sand squishing between your toes, warm crystal blue waters lapping up on the shore and crisp salty sea air tickling your tongue bring to mind the most fantastic feeling. It sends a jolt of energy into your body where dreams of exotic wild nights aren’t so unattainable.

Sheer cliffs, lush interiors and jaw-dropping beaches populate this island in the Mediterranean with colors so wondrous and warming, it puts even the most anxious at ease.

A destination harkening memories of dipping your toes in emerald blue waters and immersing your body in the warmth of sumptuous white sandy beaches. It’s obvious why flâneurs delight in the color and beauty of the island. The allure of the bright pastel colors draws you in, filling you with energy and tranquility.

Turquoise door in Sardinia, Colorful Beaches in Sardinia, Mediterranean island, Flaneur bedding, Flaneur sheets, custom color
Colorful Beaches in Sardinia, custom blue, custom bedding, custom sheets, colorful bedding, colorful sheets, blue sheets, travel inspo, Flaneur sheets
Sardinia Beach, Luxury travel, dream destinations, Sardinia, Flaneur bedding, Flaneur color, Flaneur sheets

Brighten up your winter by pulling colors into the bedroom from our Sardinia collection such as Impatiens Pink or Tanager Turquoise. Shop the look now or dream up your own destination inspired colors using our Custom Color Service.

Fun Tip: For added luxe, live the way a flaneur does by taking a Wine Tour across the island. Visit the wineries, speak with the producers and indulge in the finest local food the region has to offer.