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Wall Colors For Green Bedding

Green bedding is absolutely fabulous to have during the winter months. Not only is it versatile but it can instantly calm and warm a space. You can customize your green bedding to match any shade you like but when it comes to room installation, how do you refine the look? The answer is your walls. We’ve pulled four different wall colors to inspire your green bedroom.

Pink Tropical Wallpaper, green shades, green bedding, green sheets, green pillows, flaneur design, luxury bedding

Think pink. Bedrooms in tropical homes can keep that fun and vibrant aesthetic by using beautiful bright pink wallpaper. This wallpaper pairs nicely with our Bengaluru sateen sheets for a cheerful vibe or our Wimbledon for a moodier tone. Both work well with the pink color, giving off an almost electric energy in the space.

Brown Wall and Green Bedding, shades of green, green tones

Brown is a great wall color to use with more earthy shades like our Rifle Green. It’s a bit masculine but makes a bedroom look very rich and inviting. Use this shade in rooms that have a few windows to ensure your room doesn’t feel smaller than what it really is.

Green Wall in Bedroom, farrow and ball, wall coverings, green sheets, bedding, luxury bedding, change the sheets, flaneur sheets, flaneur bedding, shades of green, green tones

Another fantastic choice is green itself! Depending on the shade chosen for your custom bedding, you’re going to want to choose a hue for the wall that is either darker or lighter than your duvet. With a Baghdad duvet, Farrow and Ball’s Calke Green will look great as this traditional green has warmer, deep sage notes compared to the cool, crispness of Myrtle.

White Room with Green Bedding, wall colors, colors to compliment green, bedding, green sheets, green tones, shades of green, change the sheets, flaneur bedding, flaneur sheets

A tried and true classic is white. White walls are the ultimate neutral. They open up a space, adding in more light and depth. A Rifle Green duvet, defines the space. It creates an anchor and gives the eye a chance to rest. With this particular look, you can warm up the room with an edge. This is a great pairing if your room is particularly small or has no windows.

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