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Colors To Compliment The Outdoors

If you crave the outdoors and lust for fresh mountain air, then a home in Aspen or Amagansett is the ideal space. The majestic sky and serene landscape can be seen from every window. But how do you recreate that gorgeous look in a sophisticated way for the bedroom? The answer, custom color bedding to compliment the outdoors.

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When it comes to interior design in a mountain home, there’s a lot to consider. You don’t want to compete with the stunning views around you in the bedroom. You want to compliment it. Colors like blue, brown and gray do this nicely. They play off the natural beauty and allow you to decompress in a space that expresses the true you.

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Windmere is peaceful. A fresh way to mix neutral and bold colors, the blue allows the natural light to fill the space. It feels inviting yet invigorating. Used as a duvet cover or sheet set, the blue works nicely against accent pieces like gold standing lamps, gray pillows and even yellow bedside tables. Watch the snowfall wrapped soundly in bed with marvelous blue sheets.

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Another fantastic color for bedding is Vale of Tempe. Capturing the natural earth tones of the mountain, the color embodies nature and the holiday season. With hints of red beneath the surface, the color pairs with green shades, deep and light browns as well as neutral colors. Try sheets this shade for a couple’s bedroom.

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Does your bedroom in your mountain home have a fireplace? Then opt for Romanée-Conti sheets from our mountain lovers collection. A fireplace is classic and screams holiday tradition. The rich red tones in the Burgundy help add some more seasonal flare and looks lovely against dark wood. Use this color to heighten the gorgeous sunsets as seen from your bed as you prepare to start your day feeling renewed.

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Wuthering Heights is anything but drab. A magnificent dark shade of gray, it’s reminiscent of late evenings entertaining guests on the terrace. A neutral, it often elevates a room by adding a more pleasing color than stark white to offset more casual decor choices. If you are going for a simple yet elegant bedroom, gargoyle is a great shade for your bedding.

For bedding colors to compliment the outdoors find inspiration in these top destinations: Point Reyes, Sardinia, Martha’s Vineyard