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Resist the temptations of an all-white bedroom and jump into color this winter. Flaneur’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection challenges all the notions of wintertime style. Explore these inspirations and shop the bedding for a winter escape that is brilliantly colorful!

Take Comfort in Monochrome

Flaneur bedding suite in Aberdeen, a cool green.

The consistency of a monochrome bedroom is hard to resist: take a page from the modernist handbook and bring a solid color way home. This lush and mildly muted green bedding brings a seasonal pop of color to the space, and still looks fresh with plants or books bedside. Inspired in part by the natural matte sheen of pine trees, further activate this color by having a balsam-scented candle nearby.

Play with an Accent Color Point

Flaneur Yokohama red bedding and gentle Phoenix tan bedding.

For those looking to incorporate color on a slightly more subtle basis, consider pairing a bold (and quite romantic) Yokohama pinkish red duvet cover and pillowcases with a Phoenix flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. It gives a cozy but dynamic energy to the space, without becoming overwhelming.

Play with the Shade

Do you have an interesting architectural element in your home? An accent wall or unique paint scheme? Consider exploring the elements that already exist to inspire your winter bedding look. Take this merlot-toned architecture wall and bring a bold Rotterdam red bedding to develop a cohesive and thoroughly modern look for winter.

Deep Dive into Total Color Brilliance

Take it to a new place with this suite of custom colored bedding, from purple duvet covers to orange pillowcases

Capitalize on the intimacy of a bedroom in a new way by developing a style all your own. Using these bold tones, a harmonious and joyful winter bedroom can be achieved. With a royally-influenced Saigon purple duvet cover and pillowcases in Aberdeen green, access an unusual yet compatible color scheme. With the incorporation of the Flame Orange euro sham and Yokohama pink top sheet, suddenly your bedroom becomes a radiantly colorful escape from the dull tones of winter.