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Ayurvedic practitioner and herbalist Kari Jansen’s sylvan treatment space at the top of fabled Lookout Mountain in Laurel Canyon has become one of Los Angeles’s go-to self-care destinations for the wellness seekers. Healing sessions in her studio looking out over a wildflower-strewn glen incorporate everything from cups and hot stones to tuning forks and crystal bowls, and of course products from her Poppy and Someday line of herbal remedies. When she’s not formulating body oils, face oils, body salves and salt scrubs, Jansen can be found throwing pottery, creating organic vessels for her alchemic blends. We caught up with her at her dreamy canyon retreat to talk about all things healing and the inspiration behind her custom color Flaneur bedding capsule.

FLANEUR: Explain your Flaneur bedding color selections. 

Palos Verdes Pillows, Lost Horizon sheets, Hotel de Ville Duvet in King

 KARI JANSEN: My color choice was inspired by Rose Quartz which is uplifting, heart opening and a great vibe to have in the bedroom.

How does your work in wellness translate into your home? 

Working in the wellness field, I try to design in an aesthetic that is functional for healing.

When it comes to your style, how do you approach color? 

Colors relate to mood, energy and chakras, able to set the tone: soft, yet playful and feminine. 

What design element do you think makes for the perfect bedroom?

The perfect bedroom has to be clear of clutter, keeping it an intentional space open to receive inspiration and creativity.

What’s your favorite object in your home?

My favorite object in the home redwood slab cutting in my ceremonial space for tea. Just in front of my candle filled fireplace, natural elements or wood and stone adorn my tea serving altar.

Do you have a morning or evening ritual? 

To set intention for the day, I like to drop into a meditation with tea and burn frankincense resin to clear my mind and space. Keeping living plants and essential oils in the bedroom are a must. At night’s end, I spray a blend of lavender and water, always on my nightstand, to encourage peaceful rest, where I dream of gorgeous getaways like the south of France